Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Christian Lobby Group - your thoughts?


On Wednesday, 23 May, a group of Christians met to establish an association calling itself A Progressive Christian Voice (Australia). It seeks to contribute insights from progressive Christianity into the public discussion of contemporary issues in Australian society.

One can describe the group's approach as follows:

Progressive Christians value the defence of human rights of all, especially the vulnerable. It critiques both Christian theology and Biblical statements that directly or tacitly support social structures and power relationships that disempower people.

Progressive Christians welcome contemporary scholarly study of Christianity and of the Bible. Fresh insights from feminist, ecological and liberationist biblical study, in particular, are welcomed.

These contemporary Christian streams would inspire PCV to seek to contribute to such current issues as the same-sex marriage debate, human involvement in climate change, as well as issues relating to refugees, the financing of education in Australia and the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles in Australian churches and society.

From Rev Dr Ray Barraclough, Queensland SCM

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